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The quality of care was excellent. Dr. Tobet listened to my concerns and educated me on the whole process. I’m so glad I was referred to him…I’ve never felt better!

Kristen F.

“Old age is not for sissies,” so my elderly friend reminds me. But I’m only older-middle aged! And I’ve suffered from chronic arthritic pain for years. In my hip, in my elbows, lower back, neck; you get the idea. I’d tried chiropractic before, and didn’t really trust it or feel it helped. Until I visited Dr. Michael Tobet. He’s the best!

Dr. Tobet did a thorough exam and evaluation of x-rays and set a program for recovery. He employs so many techniques to achieve results: electrical stimulation, chiropractic tables that aid in manipulation, massage. I don’t know all the terminology, but his methods are so in tune with the patient’s needs and limits that I always feel safe.

After a few months my elbows don’t bother me at all, my neck has remarkably better flexibility, and my lower back rarely bothers me. My hip has improved immensely, though it’s more of a challenge, so we’re working on new modalities all the time to increase the healing.

Dr. Tobet has made a believer of me! If you’re tired of being in pain, I highly recommend his care and treatment.

Joanne P.

I suffered from debilitating headaches, dizziness and partial deafness for years. No one knew what the cause was and my quality of life was terrible.

Dr. Tobet correctly diagnosed my issue as TMJ and treated my jaw over several weeks. The SECOND he treated my jaw my symptoms disappeared. I could hear clearly, my headache immediately dissipated and I felt normal for the first time in YEARS!

At first I was symptom-free for the day, then a few days, then weeks, and now I can confidently live my life like a regular person.

Dr. Tobet gave me my sanity back and I’ll be forever grateful.

To anyone reading this – if you’re on the fence about chiropractic medicine – VISIT DR. TOBET!

You won’t regret it!

Stephanie R.

My name is S.T and I am a patient of Doctor Tobet. I took the time to write this letter to try and express my gratitude to Doctor Tobet’s efforts and dedication to help me heal.

I went to see Doctor Tobet for the first time in May 2007 for pain I had in my back and my leg, same day I was referred to him by *****, who is a colleague of mine. After only three sessions I started feeling a lot better.

Two months later the difference was huge, I felt a lot better, the pain in my back was completely gone and my leg would only bother me from time to time, probably once a week or so. By October I was one hundred percent rehabilitated and I still see Doctor Tobet once every three weeks for regular checkups.

Once again I would like to express my appreciation for Doctor Tobet’s work, professionalism and devotion to his patients.


Dr. Mike Tobet is the best chiropractor around and I have been to many. He has helped me heal injuries and maintain compromised areas for maximum mobility and health. His presence and personality are as pleasant as a bedside manner can be, and his life’s work is all goodness. No surprise that he has also been moving an environmental ball down the field as well, with a brilliant initiative involving a fantastic non-fiction work on pink dolphins and how they symbolize a global call to action for better environmental stewardship!

Dan D.

In November 2007, I came to Dr. Tobet’s office extremely bent over from terrible pain in my lower back. After examination Dr. Tobet diagnosed my condition as a ruptured disk. Within six weeks of treatment I am walking upright and painless.

With success like this it is evident that Chiropractic is far superior to surgery. To anyone considering surgery I would recommend looking into Chiropractic first.

P.S Also the treatments were PAINLESS and NONINVASIVE – NO HOSPITAL stay No risk of INFECTION and No SCARS.


I started treatment with Dr. Tobet with much hesitance, having had a bad experience with a prior chiropractor. Dr. Tobet was very patient, talking me through the process, and thoroughly explaining what treatment would entail. He was very thorough in his diagnostic process and made every effort to ease my anxiety and make sure I was aware of what’s going on. It turns out, the things I’ve attributed to “getting older” can actually feel better!! I can move my neck more than I’ve been able to in years, and a previously misdiagnosed sciatic nerve problem is on it’s way to correction. I am feeling great and continuing treatment with Dr. Tobet, and I’ve referred several friends and family because he is so wonderful. Beyond being an excellent doctor, Dr. Tobet is very easy to talk to, not pushy or cold like some doctors who treat patients as if they’re part of an assembly line. He’s changed my opinion of chiropractic care, and I look forward to continuing treatment and feeling better than I have in years!

Kelly R.

Because I am married to a doctor and am a nurse, I may be fussier than most about the quality of a Doctor. I have been to other Chiropractors, but none had the superior knowledge and care that Dr. Tobet has. My inquiry was due to an auto accident that made my herniated disc cause severe pain. WITH DR. TOBET’S CARE and ENCOURAGEMENT I AM NOW FREE OF PAIN. He needed the keep reminding me that in time I would be better.

Now, I here stories of people who went for surgeries and are still in pain….not me!



I had just gotten back from the Norwalk hospital where they had administered what is known as a Cervical Epidural. There was a chance that it was going to alleviate my pain by bathing the affected nerve with an anti-inflammatory. The pain was intolerable. I radiated down my left arm into my fingers. The top two sections of my index finger were numb and the neurologist was worried about the loss of motor functioning.

I had been through two courses of prednisone and this was the last resort. The next step was surgery of living with the pain.

I first came to know of Dr. Tobet through a friend who urged me to see him because the epidural was ineffective. In light of my options, I decided to give him a try. He looked at my MRI results and assured me he could help. He encouraged me with stories of people whom had been through the very same experiences I had and were pain free. He also was honest with me. He told me if he couldnä ¨elp he would let me know. H asked me to come in as many times as I could that week and I obliged. After every visit he reminded me that I needed to ice my neck as often as I could. I obliged. The whole time hoping and praying for a successful outcome.

The morning after the third night, I woke up in the usual manner, waiting for the pain to hit me. It㠍 usual arrival, within the first two hours after awakening. As I walked around my home in the familiar white knuckle bearing down way I did, I noticed that the pain was not as strong as the past couple months. It had begun to dissipate. Within 2 weeks I was pain free.

I continue to ice my neck when necessary and baby my cervical structure.
Dr. Tobet had not only restored my neck to a pain free state. He also restored my hope.


Dr. Michael Tobet was referred to me by Dr. Alan Nelson my primary physician. Dr. Tobet is an outstanding chiropractor that I will recommend to anyone. I’d suffered severe pains in my back, legs, feet and knees. Dr. Tobet provided top notch care for me. Now I’m back on my feet again and ready to go back to work. My legs, feet, knees and back are pain free. It is amazing to me to feel this good again, being a 65 year old man. Now that’s great!!! Thank you Dr. Tobet, a doctor with a heart. May God continue making you a blessing.

Lester G.

I have had back aches since I was a teenager and have visited a few healthcare providers that, if anything, provided only temporary relief. I went to Dr Tobet because of a referral from a good friend. He said Dr Tobet helped him and his wife successfully and I should give him a try. Dr Tobet first noticed that I had flat feet and needed orthotics. Fortunately he was able to custom make them for me. He also analyzed my posture using a computer program no physical therapist or orthopedist had ever used on me before and helped me understand what was wrong with my pelvic alignment. A few weeks later, because of his thorough analysis, treatment and skill, I have been consistently painfree these past 6 months which is the longest I have ever gone without lower back pain. I am relieved to have seen him and view Dr Tobet with the highest regard.

Justin C.

Doctor Tobet changed my life. I slipped the lowest disc in my spine in January, 2013 and was in severe pain for many months. The disc was irritating the sciatic nerve down the left side of my body. My injury was so limiting that I could barely walk or even stand still. Finding a comfortable laying position for sleep was painstaking and I stayed awake in agony most nights. Sitting down hurt the worst, which made driving a car and sitting in classes the hardest part of my day. Just to get out of bed and dressed each morning took an extra two hours, adding to my already sleep deprived schedule. At times I contemplated the possibility that I would have to spend the rest of my life in pain. The quality of my life was so diminished by my herniated disc that I could barely stand the idea of growing old in such condition.

I began visiting a physical therapist several times a week between February and April of 2013, and her exercises help reduce the pain some, but not much. In any case, she never treated the underlying problem that caused my sciatica; she merely told me to stop visiting her once the pain was more bearable. I still had issues sitting down and standing up, sleeping, walking, etc. After the semester ended in May, 2013 I went on a two hour road trip with my family – the longest car ride I dared take since my injury in January. The car ride made my sciatica flare up so badly that I did not leave the house for three to four days following. At that point, my parents recommended I visit Dr. Tobet, who had treated both them and my sister in the past.

We were on a time crunch: I had booked an eight hour flight to Italy for a physical comedy acting course, and I needed to be well enough to withstand the plane seats and the class itself. We had SEVEN WEEKS. While most doctors would recommend spinal surgery right off the bat, Dr. Tobet was able to completely fix my herniated disc in less than two months of treatment. He was extremely amiable and gentle, and within no time I was noticing amazing results. The plane rides there and back were perfectly painless, I was able to participate in all activities throughout the class (including acrobatics), and am already running and lifting again. The positive impact Dr. Tobet had on my life will not be easily forgotten. He has restored me to “normal.”

Not mention, he tells great jokes.

Andrea P.

I wanted to formally thank you for treating my back problem earlier this year and helping me get back to the point of no discomfort or pain. As you know, I began experiencing significant discomfort and pain in my lower back at the beginning of the year, which you ultimately diagnosed as a herniated disc in my lower back. The problem got to the point where my left leg’s motor function was compromised, to the point where it was operating at between 75% and 85% of its normal function.

While I never really considered the option of back surgery, I know that it is an option that many people in my position choose, many times with unsuccessful, or even disastrous results. The constant treatment that we maintained, as well as your reasoned and sage counsel, allowed me to feel confident that chiropractic treatment was my best course of action.

Progress on my back was not overnight, but it was something that I could recognize as the weeks went by. The 语ework” you gave me to enhance the in-office treatment was very helpful, and ultimately helped to treat the problem more effectively and more rapidly, I believe.

At this point, I can say that all of the pain, discomfort and loss of function is gone,
and I feel like I did prior to the occurrence of the herniated disc. While the episode was unsettling, inconvenient and, at times harrowing, I truly believe that the chiropractic treatment I received was the correct way to handle the problem and help me ultimatelyget better, which was my main concern.

Again, I want to thank you very much for all your help and support throughout the
process. I had believed in the efficacy of chiropractic treatment before this episode, but I believe in it even more after going through this experience.


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